User Can Give Voice Command with Amazons New Eero Mesh Router

User Can Give Voice Command with Amazons New Eero Mesh Router

Amazon has just introduced a brand-new $99 cost Eero router at its big hardware event, marking the first new product from the mesh networking company since Amazon bought it earlier this year.

The new router guarantees ease of use, with “set up in 10 minutes or much less,” with a dual-band radio system and support for the Eero Secure and Eero Secure Plus premium subscription services.

Additionally, new are more in-depth Alexa controls (something that both Eero and other routers have supported before in a less integrated fashion), which can permit for granular voice control of your network, like turning off Wi-Fi for a particular device (say, a video game system or a child’s tablet) or activating a guest network all by voice control.

The new router controls won’t merely be limited to Eero Amazon is making it an API for other companies to make use of, too, with Asus and TP-Link already promising support for later this year, and Arris and Linksys sometime next year.

The new Eero router will value $99 for a single device, or $249 for a three-pack, available at present in the US. Both the single router and triple pack will also be out there in Europe later this year.